Cakes for Girls

Things you might consider for a Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

Already a teen and on top of that, she will soon be 16. What can be better than a sweet 16 birthday celebration with all the things that she loves? So, if you are thinking of celebrating her coming of age in a grand manner, then make sure that the cake is impressive enough. It should do justice to her and the occasion as well. So, if you cannot think of enough ideas for her sweet 16 birthday, then the following are the ones that you can consider for sure:



  • A Glam and Glittery Cake– If your daughter is a fashionista, then she would definitely fall in love with this glam birthday cake that has all the bold colors like black, white, gold and pink. It is a superb combination and if done right, can create an excellent effect.
  • Underwater Theme Cake– Perfect for a water baby, an underwater theme cake is a perfect gift for your daughter’s 16th birthday. The best part, every part of the cake is edible which means that nothing goes to waste. You can design seashells and ad a starfish that is made out of modeling chocolate. With a beautiful sea-green edible color on the top, the actual cake is made from chocolate and can have a delicious cream filling.
  • Paris Themed Birthday Cake– A fashion lover’s paradise, this cake is great for all those 16 year old girls who dream of making it big one day in the fashion capital. With a chocolate Eiffel Tower on the top of the cake, it will be hard to decide to even put the knife through it or not.
  • Four Layer Vanilla Flavored Cake With Butterflies– Sweet 16 is the age to metamorphose from a girl into a lady. That is why it is called coming of age. Hence, a four layered vanilla flavored cake with many many butterflies on it is is just the way to help your pretty daughter usher in her 16th birthday.
  • Alice In Wonderland Themed Cake– There is a little Alice in all girls. There is a yearning to explore the unknown and challenge the conventions and show that girls too can be courageous. Alice in Wonderland taught us great lessons. So, on her 16th birthday as she takes another step towards adulthood, it is time to hold her back one in her innocence. What cake would do justice more to this other than this themed cake?
  • Vintage Camera Cake– If your 16th year old daughter loves photography and wishes to pursue it as her career, then the 16th birthday is the time to show that you too are with her in her dreams. A double layered vanilla cake with a camera on the top makes for a great arrangement.
  • Emoji cake– Life is full of many emotions and soon your daughter will learn how to tackle the many ups and downs of life that will also teach her the many emotions that our life is made up of. An Emoji cake with all the emoticons makes for a perfect sweet 16th birthday cake.