Cakes for Boys

Best Birthday Cake Ideas for Boys

Whatever be your age, when it concerns birthdays, there is no one who does not want to love blowing out the candles and cutting a birthday cake. With time, birthday celebrations have changed. From simple ones to theme birthdays, birthdays itself has come a long way. As the decorations have changed, so has changed the birthday cakes.


  • Sweet Lion Head Cake- What is your child’s favorite animal? If it is a lion, then you have got just a great cake idea for your child’s birthday. Order a lion’s happy face with the mane made out of piped chocolate frosting and the ears as vanilla wafers.
  • Sports T-Shirt- Is your son or daughter a sports lover? Find out which team do they die for and what is the jersey number for his or her favorite sports star? Get a cake that is designed like the jersey with the number and the color that represents her favorite team.
  • Dino Friend- Jurassic Park made children fall in love with the pre-historic monsters. So much so that they do not even mind a T-rex shaped birthday cake standing tall on the table! They are kind of cute as birthday cake of course with all natural food coloring and butter cream frosting being used apart from candies and chocolate chips for making the toenails and candy corn for tail spikes. Awesome.

Boys love adventure, sports, camping and of course sports. So, if you are thinking of what birthday cake ideas will be great for your boy, then here are some good ones:  mickey-mouse-clubhouse-cake

  • Camp Fire Birthday Cake- If your little boy loves camping expeditions, then a camp themed birthday cake is ideal for him. All complete with a campfire and toasting marsh mellows. 
  • Mickey  Mouse Clubhouse Themed Cake- Once the series was launched on TV, Mickey Mouse Club House has become a craze among all boys. Imagine how thrilled he would be to get a mickey mouse, donald duck, goofy and pluto on his cake for his birthday.
  • Spacecraft cake- Aliens and the universe never seem to disappoint any child. Boys especially are in love with them. So, how about a spacecraft shaped cake sitting pretty on the table on his birthday? Nothing will make him a superhero among his friends than this.