Coolest and Worst Birthday Cake Ideas

Cake making has emerged to be a big time profession. Gone are the days when birthday cakes were available only in square and rectangle shape. In present times, cake making has emerged to be nothing less than an art. You just don’t need to be a chef to make a lovely and delicious cake. But, you also need to have an artistic streak in you to design cakes that are nothing less than masterpieces. Birthday cakes are special and as much as there are coolest birthday cake ideas, there are some worst ones too.

Coolest birthday cake ideas:


  • Chanel Bag and Accessories- Getting a cake designed for the most stylish member in the family? Make her glad with a lovely cake designed in the form of a Chanel bag, high heel peep toes and other make up accessories. She will love it so much that she will want to keep it forever.
  • Stadium– How does a stadium full of roaring crowd and your son’s favorite soccer team playing on the field all designed as a cake sound? Your son would find this to be the most coolest thing to happen and that too on his birthday.
  • Cartoon Characters– Cartoon characters in the shape of a cake was hard to imagine even a few years back. But now, you can have Minnie Mouse driving her car and sitting on the table in the form of a delicious, creamy delight.
  • Water Slide– Do you think that water slides are only found at amusement parks? No. This time you can get a water slide designed as the birthday cake and get it for your little one who loves splashing in the water and absolutely has a great time on the many water slides at amusement parks.
  • Fairy Tale Cake– What is your kid’s favorite fairy tale? Is it Cinderella or the Frog Prince? Now, you can get a birthday cake designed as such and give your kid a very big surprise.


Worst Birthday Cake Ideas



If you want to play a prank on your special one, then there are a few worst cake ideas for you to consider too:

  • A Toilet Full Of Poop– It is hard to even imagine this kind of a cake on the table. But yes, this kind of cake does exist. The very look of it can make one feel puke. It is not just the toilet, but cake makers go to the details of even adding brown cream to the water in the shape of floating poop.
  • Skull and Brain– How does a cake shaped as skull with blood oozing out of it and brains also flowing out sound as a birthday cake idea? Unless one is a doctor and is not disturbed by the sight of it, this cake is surely going to ruin your birthday.
  • You Are Adopted Cake– Imagine a birthday cake on which is written a message like ‘You Are Adopted’. Imagine the look on your child’s face when he or she reads it instead of a Happy Birthday message. A spoiler for sure.