Cakes for Adults

Birthday Cake Ideas For Adults

When it comes to choices for birthday cakes for adults, there are quite a few that you can choose. Adults will love everything; so there is not much issue designing a cake for them.


  •  Beach Themed Cake- Does the person you are designing the cake for love the sea, sun and sand? Then a beach themed cake sounds perfect.
  • Purse- Is the one whose birthday it is, well known for her fetish for bags? Why not get her favorite designer bag shaped as a birthday cake? Will she love to eat it? Find out yourself. 
  • Birthday Present Shaped Cake- Sometimes, simplicity is what makes a thing stand out. Keep it simple and sweet with a present shaped birthday cake. After all, what are birthdays without presents and gifts?
  • Make up Cake –  Is the one obsessed with looking good and enjoy getting dolled up with makeup and glitter?  Then this type of cake is for them.
  • Golf Cake –  Does your friend, dad, husband or boyfriend enjoy a round of golf?  Then definitely a cake with golf clubs and tee would be the best design.