Cute Animal Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

Lion Birthday Cake

Lion birthday cake is one of the best animal birthday cakes. By using a round cake as well as placing several icings that will dominate the face of the lion will ensure that it will turn out the way you want it to be. However, if you are finding it hard to make use of icing, you may buy a miniature lion and have it on top of the cake. You may then place icings that will make it an environment for the lion. By doing this, you will have the assurance that you will be able to come up with the best lion birthday cake.

Lion Birthday Cake Topper

However, your imagination should not just stop there. There is a number of animal birthday cake that you may try out, which includes:

Ladybug Cake

You can serve the 3-dimensional lady bug cake alone or put it on top of a sheet cake for more servings. Make use of a cake bake in half of 3-dimensional ball pan for the ladybug’s body. For the head of the lady bug, you can use a cupcake. By turning the cupcake upside down, you can then carve the edges to make it rounded. Attach the cupcake to the body. By means of red frosting, use it to ice both sections. Using black fondant, make a cut circles out circles for the dot of the ladybug.

Ladybug Cake

Monkey on a Pile of Bananas

The baked cake in a dome-shaped pan will serve as the pile of bananas. Put a yellow icing in the dome cake. With the use of yellow fondant, you can shape the bananas out. Let the fondant bananas set for less than a week so they can maintain their shape. Put the bananas at random arrangement on the dome cake. By using food coloring, paint brown accents on the bananas. For the top of the cake, you can buy a monkey toy or shape a monkey using a fondant.

Monkey Birthday Cake

Farm Animals

Farm animal cakes are simple to do. The body of very animal is made from 9 inch round cake. The cakes either can be iced with a star tip or plain ice smooth. You can use some candies or icing for the eyes, as well as, nose accents. Through dying coconut using a green food coloring, you can make a green grass background.

A birthday cake for your kid celebrant would be more cute and interesting if you’ll have an animal birthday cake theme. Your kid will surely be attracted with the cake. Animals frequently act as the theme for birthday parties for children. So, make the best animal birthday cake and have fun!

Farm Animals Birthday Cake