Popular Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes

Sweet 16 birthday cakes

If you are born of generation Y then you know that sweet 16 birthday cakes are must-haves for the teenagers ready to take a bow as an “”almost”” adult–old enough to drive and take a job but not to move out of the parents’ house. MTV has produced a cult out of a reality show called Sweet 16 and after that, all teenagers turning 16 should have a big bash to be “”in.””

The most popular

Statistics would cover that more girls put pressure on their parents to spend for a big bash on their 16th birthday. This is why the most popular sweet 16 birthday cakes are those in pink. The cake has to be multi-tiered and mostly made of fondant because it looks prettier. Of course, these cakes have the number 16 on top.

Sweet 16 birthday cake

The girls

Statistics would also have it that most girls celebrating their sweet 16 dress up in a pink dress. It is not much different to when they were younger when they celebrate birthdays as a princess and will have on a pink dress as well, topped with a tiara. Of course, not to forget the princess birthday cake.

The boys

The boys are not very fond of celebrating their sweet 16 with a big party. Most of them opt to receive cars and just take out their closest friends to a night out that sometimes involves alcohol.

16 birthday cake

The history

Sweet 16 is based on culture. For Latinos, they usually have a big bash on the 15t birthday. For Filipinos, it is called the debut at the age of 18. For Americans, they are used to celebrating the sweet 16. The history of this is that in the olden times, girls at the age of 16 are already eligible to marry. Their parents would organize a “”coming out”” party to introduce their 16-year-old girl into society for marriage.

This is a different world though and Americans celebrate sweet 16 to show off their parents’ capacity to spend for a big bash and to feed their friends with the most popular sweet 16 birthday cakes.

16th birthday cake