Ice Cream Cake The Perfect Idea for Kids Birthday Cakes

Ice Cream Cake

Cakes are always the on the top during birthdays. This is most special with kids birthday cakes. Children of any age would always love to blow candles from cakes. Nowadays, there are different types of kids birthday cakes. One of the best sellers is ice cream cake.

Ice cream cakes can either be in the shape of a cake or an ice cream and cakes layered together to make a single form. The idea of an ice cream cake has basically come from desserts composed of cream and cookies or cake called trifles which first turned up in the Renaissance. They are often used on occasions like birthdays and weddings.

Original Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake was originally made from biscuits and cream. When both ingredients, ice cream and cake are added the ingredients are usually layered. Whip cream frosting is commonly used because it compliments the two textures. Ice cream cake is not like other cakes because it is not baked to complete. The cake part is baked to be added in with layers of ice cream to be frozen together as a final product. Ice cream cakes can be made with ice cream and cake, all ice cream or ice cream and cookies.

Kids would even be so happy if their ice cream cakes will consist of chocolate ice cream, then fudge, cookie crumbs, vanilla ice cream and then soft serve ice cream which is supposed to be like icing.

Ice Cream Cakes

If you are going to ask a kid about ice creams and cakes, they will surely answer it is heavenly. Kids do love ice creams and cakes. Children can even be taught how making an ice cream. It would be fun on their behalf. It is a fun learning experience. Who knows they may even great ice cream makers someday and can be little kids who can make their own birthday cakes.

Ice Cream Birthday Cake