Ideas in Birthday Cakes for Girls

Castle Birthday Cake

Creating unique and cute ideas in making birthday cakes for girls are the greatest way to put a smile into your little girl’s face. Though girls are different and have their individual personalities, they all adore being made to feel extraordinary. One way to do this is to offer her the birthday cake of her dreams.

Whether homemade or store-bought, a birthday cake chosen for that special little girl is sure to cheer up the special event of her life.


For the little lady who believes she’s a princess, beautify the cake with royalty in mind. Make use of a piping bag, including gold-colored frosting to portray a crown. Include many edible pearls and rhinestones. Request your local bakery or grocery store to airbrush a portrait of a princess on a sheet cake. Portray from the worlds of clothing, fashions, shoes and jewelry for ideas.

Cartoon Fanatic

The Wonder Pets and Dora the explorer are admired by lots of little girls. Grocery stores and bakeries can effortlessly make birthday cakes centered on the little girl’s favorite cartoon. Cake decorating supply stores and further stores will frequently take figurines of these characters. Watch some episodes of your girl’s much loved cartoons with her. Once her face lightens up as a character appears, you have extra ideas for her birthday cake.

Dora Birthday Cake

Animal Lover

Include figurines of cats, dogs, horses, or any further animal your girl loves to a sheet cake. Apply icing to sketch a picture of her preferred animal or have a local cake decorator to carry out this for you. Outline a view of a field, stable, or a dog house with lots of characters in the region of it.

Giraffe Birthday Cake

Movie Enthusiast

For the film buff birthday girl, make a cake based on her preferred movie or movie character. Pixar and Disney movies are frequently favorites among little girls. Include either Dory from “Finding Nemo” or Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” or to the cake. These decorations are seen in lots of grocery and discount stores. Stroll down the kid’s section in your local video store for extra ideas of birthday cakes for girls.

Nemo Birthday Cake