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cool birthday cakes
The coolest birthday cakes do not need to come from the fanciest dessert factory nor made by a well-known pastry chef. A very cool cake can also come from the comfort of your own kitchen. The contributing factors that make a cake really cool will be the design, and how it reflects your personality as the celebrator, and effort and time to make the cake perfect. Looking for the cake design will depend on the personality of the one celebrating the birthday.

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There are a thousand of ideas and cake designs to choose from when you want the coolest birthday cakes. You can even have a design on top of your head every minute. Choosing the design should be the easiest part. The challenging part is when you are putting all the cake ingredients together. Even Rachel Ray finds baking to be difficult because of the exact measurements. Baking a cake is like solving a math problem, everything should be exact. Unlike cooking, you can just add salt and pepper to taste.

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Some find baking a challenge. What they do is go to a cake factory and make an order. In cake factories, you will still be given the liberty to choose your own design. The pastry chef or cake designer will ask you some simple questions to help you with ideas on your coolest birthday cakes. Having a custom made as well as the coolest birthday cakes is expensive, but that will not matter especially when you are giving it to someone special.

Yes, buying a cake somewhere fancy is special. But when you do the baking yourself, this will definitely make the cake extra special. Knowing the time and effort and patience that you have given just to make the cake all by yourself is really something. No amount can match when you bake for someone the coolest birthday cakes.

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