Girls Birthday Cakes Ideas

Birthday Cake For Girls
Girls birthday cakes are colorful and fun to make. To a lot of cake designers, it is easier to get ideas for a girls birthday cake than making a boy’s birthday cake. A boy’s birthday cake idea can be limited depending on the personality of the kid. On the other hand, girls birthday cakes ideas are limitless. Your creativity will be put to test if you want to make your girl a birthday cake. You can start your choices from flowers, to butterflies, fairies, princesses, Barbie and a whole lot more.

Girls Birthday Cakes

The first design or concept that comes into mind when you want a design for girls birthday cakes is the princess cake. The line of Disney Princesses are not only popular with their clothing line but in cake designs, as well. You can do a Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, or Pocahontas. You have a wide variety of choices to choose from. Wait till you see the Barbie Inspired cake collection. You will be amazed on how many themes a doll can create. You may think that these girls birthday cakes are only popular to little girls, but let me also inform you that these types of cakes are also sellable to sweet 16 parties and debuts.

Girls Birthday Cake

The colors of the girls birthday cakes are playful too. Bright and sweet colors add to the beauty and attractiveness of the cake. Sometimes it makes you not want to eat the cake because of how beautiful it looks. Adding accents like flowers and butterflies and sprinkles always do the trick even to the simplest girls birthday cake design.

Princess Birthday Cakes

Making individual cupcakes is also a good idea. Cupcakes are easy to make and easy to design. You can have a small cake for the candle and the tradition plus small cupcakes for everyone. With this, everyone gets a taste of the girls birthday cake.

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