Ideas for the Coolest Birthday Cakes

Coolest Birthday Cakes

Are you in search for the coolest birthday cakes? Instead of purchasing or having one custom-made, why not try a cool DIY one? Aside from the idea being unique, the labor of love you put into it will be incomparable. Surely the celebrant will have one good happy birthday with it.

Kids’ party

Probably any colorful cake will pass for a children’s birthday party. Having a cartoon-themed birthday cake will be more than enough for kids to consider it one of the coolest birthday cakes. It’s amazing how easily children are pleased thus a simple cake may actually do the trick.

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Celebration Cakes

Try DIY gum paste or fondant cakes. If you enjoy baking, or even if you rarely bake, you’ll surely have fun with decorating the cake. You can start from scratch or start easily with cake-in-box bases then leave all the effort for decorating it afterwards. There’s no chance you won’t enjoy doing this, especially if you know you’re doing it for your little one. You may even want the kids help out with the mounting or simple finishing touches.

Adult birthdays

Counting years after your teens is somewhat lame and boring, birthday celebrations seem to just remind you that “”hey, you’re getting old!”” Basically entertaining cakes will be the coolest birthday cakes for adults. So how does a cake become “”entertaining””?

Coolest Sport Birthday Cakes

Still trying out DIY gum paste or fondant cakes, you can have themes from hobbies, sports, cars and automobiles or whatever the celebrant pays interest in. For some, fun cakes are the naughty ones which are sexy, kinky cakes. It really doesn’t matter how big or small the cake is. The important thing is that the concept clicks and you do put the “”happy”” in happy birthday. You never know, your first attempt may produce one of the coolest birthday cakes ever!

Sexy Birthday Cakes