A Girl’s Dream: Princess Cakes

Princess Birthday Cakes Ideas

When a girl celebrates her birthday, she does not need a lofty party, having princess cakes can do the trick. Girls dream of being a princess and so a princess-themed party is also a dream come true.

The dress

The birthday girl’s dress has to be pink and should have a balloon skirt. A wand or scepter is optional but a crown is not. Just make sure that the girl cannot have everything she wants. Make it a point to discuss with her that she will not have all the things she dreams of because that is not real life. This is also so she will not be spoiled. She can have her dress, her tiara but she cannot wear high heels. Make your girl dress appropriately for her age.

Girls birthday cakes

Princess Birthday Cakes

The cake

There are probably hundreds of ways princess cakes are made or look like. There are tiers of cake with pink icing that can have a tiara on top. Others want to have a specific princess in mind. So the party does not have to be pink all the time, it can be blue, as in Cinderella. To keep with the pink theme then perhaps the girl is a fan of Princess Aurora of Sleeping Beauty. Another idea for a birthday cake is hundreds of pink or tiara-topped cupcakes.

Princess Birthday Cake

The decoration

Of course, no party is complete without balloons, pink balloons! So it will not be monotonous, complement pink balloons with white, red and purple. Flowers are optional. Girls do not really care for flowers on their birthday. Of course, do not forget the party giveaways or the loot bags. Here is an idea for a Cinderella-themed party, decorate the venue with one big sandal where the kids can have their pictures taken.

Make a birthday girl’s wish come true just for one day, give her a princess-themed party with a centerpiece of princess cakes.

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