Coolest Birthday Cakes

Coolest Princess Birthday Cakes

Cake makers have become very creative through the years with so many designs gunning for coolest birthday cakes. Most of these cakes though are made of fondant because it is easier to form.

Coolest Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes

To present the coolest birthday cakes to the birthday celebrator, make sure you know the person celebrating the birthday really well to commission a unique birthday cake. If it is a girl between the ages of four and 10, she might want to have a princess cake. Not just an ordinary pink cake with a tiara on top but a cake formed like a tiara or a cake formed like a princess with cheeks, eyes, nose and lips. If the celebrant is a boy who wants superheroes like Spider-Man or Superman, commission a birthday cake that is formed like a superhero, not just a birthday cake with a figurine of a superhero on top.

Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cakes

Themed parties

The most fun cakes are those presented during bridal showers. The most popular of this is the cake that is formed like a penis. The entire thing can actually be eaten with the balls made of eggs but painted with skin tone icing. For celebrants that are crazy for shoes, have a cake made that would look like a large shoe. You would be surprised how realistic these types of cake look. Just make sure you go to the right baker and make sure you see actual sample cakes, not just those they put in pictures. There was also this cake made to look like real Crayola, for a school child on his first day of school.

Coolest Dog Birthday Cake

Coolest Birthday Cake

There are thousands of unique cakes out there and to commission the best one is to know the personality of the person celebrating the birthday. Take an idea from that personality to have the coolest birthday cakes made.