The new Trend in Birthday cupcakes

Birthday CupcakesEveryone has already heard of the new trend in the cake industry: cupcakes. But what is a cupcake? Well that’s small portion of cake for one person, usually baked in a small, thin paper or aluminum cup. Like every other cake the most important thing is the decoration and the frosting. It’s one of the hottest new trends for birthday parties that have now been around for years.

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There are many cupcake decorating ideas that will replace the need for a birthday cake and save you money. The Internet is full of homemade cupcake cake recipe that suits your eating habits and that will match your birthday theme. If you are a vegetarian or organic food lover, there are many recipes available to you. If you are less inclined to a special type of food, boxed cake mixes work very well. Follow the instructions on the box specifically for cupcakes. There are also tons of recipes for methods to frost the cupcakes. Believe it or not, you do not need to be a cake decorating expert to make cupcakes that will be the hit of the party.

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Birthday cupcakes are typically homemade. But if you don’t feel ready to cake your own cupcakes you can always go to your local pastry shop and buy great cupcakes. But it will be a bite more expensive and you may not be able to choose customized cupcakes that perfectly fit your birthday theme decoration.

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To start you can color the batter before it’s baked to match you party theme with food coloring. Light colored batters can be changed into almost any color. For a baby shower you could color the batter pink or blue. That would just be cute. You can even just swirl chocolate and white cake batter together to get a beautifully yummy cupcake that everyone would love.

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The key to a perfect cupcake is the icing. It can be as simple as just the perfect color and cute sprinkles that matches your theme. If you want to get brave and use two colors of icings, it’s very easy. You will need 2 piping bags and tips. Each bag will hold a different color, one in each bag. It makes a cute swirl pattern in the icing. Blue and white make a great cupcake for a water theme party like beach theme, pool party or ocean theme.

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Once you decide the theme of your birthday party (or another event), start to look for ways to decorate the cupcakes based on that theme. You can start looking for decorations for your party on Internet or at your local stores. Fort the frosting you can frost with a simple homemade cake frosting such as Royal Frosting. There are many websites to find frosting recipes that will help you create something very special for your event. You can also buy books or magazines which have ideas and recipes, or visit your local library’s cookbook section. If you want to be a bit more elaborate, you may want to take a look at books or websites which show some more creative ideas with frosting or object designs on cupcakes. Many adults would very much appreciate a cream cheese frosting on their cupcakes. If someone would rather go for a classic decoration, simple candles on the cupcakes can work. Food coloring will allow you to make as many different colors of frosting as you need to suit your party theme.

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