Make your own Barbie Birthday Cakes

Barbie CakeBarbie dolls are one of the most appreciated toys for little girls. This fashion doll is manufactured by Mattel Inc and was launched in March 1959. Does your little girl absolutely love Barbie and have a couple dozen of them in her room? Well then you should get her a special surprise for her birthday, find out ideas about the best Barbie cakes and make your own! You will definitively make your kids happy with an authentic homemade Barbie cake for her birthday. When planning to make your birthday cake, you will need to get party supplies. It’s better if you can get your supplies way ahead of the party so you have time to be prepared.

MiniBarbie Birthday Cakes

Barbie Cakes

There is always two solutions for birthday cakes, either your get one in stores, at your local bakery for example or you make one at home. In this case for Barbie cakes, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that works for you, but you will need to order this special shape in advance. You can also make one at home using a dome shaped cake and a Barbie doll. The food should also be light and delicious so that everyone will enjoy eating it.

Barbie Birthday Cupcakes

Barbie Birthday Cakes

The color of your birthday party should be Pink! You need to keep that in mind when buying party suppliers. There are several options for fun and beautiful Barbie cakes that you can make. One of the most impressive cakes is to build the cake around an actual Barbie doll. This is actually fairly easy to make on your own and it is sure to delight the birthday girl and her guests. All you need to make this cake is a dome baking bowl, cake mix and frosting of your choice, preferably pink and a Barbie doll (without legs). Simply prepare your cake mix in the glass bowl; this will be the Barbie’s dress. Let it cool and remove from the bowl, then take an unclothed Barbie and insert her in the middle of the cake, up to her waist (it is easiest to make a small hole for her first and remove her legs). Please don’t take the Barbie of your little girl, buy a cheap one and use it as decoration. Otherwise you will get in trouble with your daughter! After that you can start making the dress by applying frosting all around. It should start to look like Barbie’s dress after cooling down. You can make it simple or as elaborate as you wish, depending of your pastry skills. You can find how to do frosting decoration on the Internet if you want to draw something special of write the name of your girl on the side of the cake.

Barbie Birthday Cake

If you think you can’t handle all of that, there is always the easy solution. Just buy a regular sheet cake, already decorated with the picture of Barbie and apply it on a round or square shaped cake of your choice. Don’t forget to add candles and a birthday message on the cake. With this Barbie cake, your birthday party will be remembered for a long time.

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