How Dora birthday cakes make a party memorable

Dora Birthday CakesDora birthday cakes are suitable for kids who love Dora the Explorer. Cakes are probably one of the things that are very significant to the birthday of children. Although there are several gifts that your child will be receiving, for sure, the cakes should also be given attention. Since, it is a center of attention; you need to have a design that is colorful and captivating to everyone’s eyes, as well as the celebrant as to make the celebration worth to remember. Dora birthday cakes are probably one of the most famous cake themes that you can have for your child.

Dora Birthday Cake Ideas

Who is Dora the Explorer?

Dora the Explorer’s real name is Dora Marquez. She is an eight-year-old of Latin American who goes to different places to help someone or find something. She asks for help from the viewers to be able to reach her goal. On her adventure, she brings with her Boots the Monkey, who is her best friend. She also brings her purple Backpack that has everything that she needs in her quest. One of the most important things that is inside the Backpack is the Map, which provides travel guidance and suggestions. Just like other cartoons, Dora also faces someone who tries to steal or ruin Dora’s adventure; he is Swiper the Fox. To prevent Swiper from his plans, Dora says “Swiper, no swiping” three times. In the end of each adventure, Dora succeeds making her sing and dance together with her friends.

Dora Birthday Cake

Dora Birthday Cakes 2

Unlike other cartoon, Dora gives the viewers especially kids to join with her in her adventure. She asks kids to help her count or repeat important words that will help her reach her goal. Through this, kids will be able to think and cooperate in helping Dora to succeed in her quest.

Dora Birthday Cakes Ideas

Dora birthday cakes are one of the most preferred birthday cakes for kids because of its color and design. Dora’s world is colorful, so it would probably give an attractive look to the party. Kids especially girls want to have Dora birthday cakes because they idolize Dora for her cleverness in finding ways to succeed in her quests.

Dora Birthday Cakes 3
Another good thing about Dora birthday cakes is that it is suitable for kids of this generation. Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, Transformers, and Barbie are very common, but with Dora, it is unique. Aside from Dora birthday cakes, you can also set the party in a Dora theme birthday party.