1st Birthday Ideas and 1st Birthday Cakes


Having trouble thinking of 11st britday cakes

st birthday ideas? As it is such an important birthday and you don’t get a second chance at the 1st birthday cakes or the photos and special memories it is a good idea to follow a 1st birthday checklist. It seems mad as your baby will not remember this party but when you look back at all the photos and share your memories with them they will know it as well as you – sometimes better!

1st britday cake Ideas
When you are planning your child’s first birthday choosing the venue is important – you want somewhere they feel safe and that’s why most parties are in their own home or at a play area that they go to often. If your child has specific naps during the day you will want to avoid these times for your party or you may not see the birthday boy or girl!

1st britday cake

1st Birthday Cakes
Here is your checklist of all the bits and pieces you will need for the day, start by doing something each day leading up to the party. This way you won’t miss anything and won’t get in a panic, looking after nearly one year olds can take a big chunk of your day, they probably wouldn’t be too impressed if you spent all day organising their party.