1st Birthday Cakes for Girls

1st Birthday Cakes for Girls

We always looked forward to our birthdays and our amazing cakes even into our teen years. She made a hemispherical cake and stuck Barbie into it, decorating it to be a beautiful ball gown. She made a treasure chest replete with chocolate coins covered in gold foil, gumdrop gems, and all kinds of treasure. She had a cake pan shaped like a book and would decorate the top from the child’s favorite story. My mother was the queen of creative cakes. Cakes are traditionally the center of the birthday party and often go with the theme. Don’t scrimp on the cake. Animals, favorite colors, stuffed animals, clouds, princesses, babies these a just a few of the many possibilities. And later on it could be a funny story she tells, or a source of pride. Find something fun for a theme. Bunnies might not be her thing when she’s 17 years old, but it is likely that is she shows strong affinity to animals now, she’ll likely be fond of animals later. She already has likes and dislikes and child development patterns show that these are likely to continue even to adulthood.  You know as well as anyone that your daughter is unique and full of her own personality even at 12 months.

1st birthday cake ideas for girls1st birthday cake ideas for girls

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1st birthday cakes for girls ideas1st birthday cakes for girls ideas

1st birthday cakes for girls1st birthday cakes for girls

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